Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tired, Fatigué, But I'm still here

Okay, so despite the fact I thought I'd have more time on my hands now that I no longer work, I was mistaken. I read elaborate papers almost non-stop and write projects! The bus strike is not over yet so I try to sneak in exercise whenever I can.
15 minute elliptical trainer in the morning (I'd do more but my joints can't really handle much more right now at my heavy weight) plus I'm out of breath. I'll work my way up eventually
cross-country skiing every weekend, at least one run per week.
swimming laps (I'm down to 30 laps as of tonight) I'd like to do this more than once a week, but truth is, with the bus strike I have been relying on Meli to go with me and it haven't gone every week. But we've done pretty good.
Snowshoeing. I have to admit I haven't gone yet this season but I am going with Meli this Sunday. Alex hasn't been too interested in this so far this season, he wants to spend his time on skis instead. I find skiing fun but snowshoeing works out a different muscle group and am looking forward to using them this Sunday :)

diet is not too bad. I'm going to start some pill Alex decided to get me with great reviews from his friends and hope this thing works out for me too. I'll keep you posted. I haven't weighed myself in weeks so I can'T report any progress, I don't really know if I am progressing or gaining or right where I left last time. I'll weigh myself again tomorrow.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Been Around...

I am still around despite not posting daily. Trying to fit in exercise amidst my annoying schedule... it's not all that easy but now that my driving courses are completed, I at least have four days straight of nothingness except homework of course which I will gladly put aside for a little exercise :)
so I went cross country skiing on Friday and it felt nice to be out of breath like this. Alex is very quick and keeping up with him was a little difficult for me but I still managed a full hour of it.

been trying to be good with food as well.. I'm not doing too bad. Hope sooner or later I will have the city buses running again so my schedule can fall into place...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Running around...

Okay, so I am obliged to spend most of my day at my parents because I have no way of getting into school later on today. I usually do my workouts first thing when I wake up and trust me, I tried at this time (5AM) and seriously, I find myself fast forwarding through my workout instead of actually doing my workout. So I closed the DVD player and told myself I'd try again tonight when I am not pressed for time. I think that might be a better idea. OC Transpo bus strike is not making things easy for me at all! :S I have been having worries about how I will get to my doctor appointment on time on Monday morning... it makes me sick to my stomach... Hoping my brother does not work in the morning on Monday...*sigh*
I haven't weighed in this morning due to being pressed for time. I'm just going to grab a quick bite to eat and have my shower and get ready to leave. Dad will be here in less than an hour and I guess that's what makes me uneasy about doing my workout this AM it's the possibility of not having time to shower and eat before leaving.
That said, I did very well with food last night and I think my cool it off workout reassured me a little better about my driving classes because I did very well! :) I seriously can't wait til it's over...

wish I could seriously exercise but I've never been able to exercise in the evening.. motivation just is lacking by end of day...thought I did fairly well for meals today but upon calculation I am shocked that I am over my caloric range... *sigh* there's always tomorrow!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

1.8lbs down - Cool It Off

Okay so I went down 1.8lbs meaning I really just lost 1.5lbs so far if we consider the weight gain I did yesterday...I am now at 236.8lbs. I can looking forward to it going down down and even more down. It will be great to find myself at a reasonable weight again.
Did not too bad with food yesterday either :)
Cool it Off is long and a little boring because it'S slightly repetitive midway through out.. so I started just looking at the video maybe 2/3 into it... but I still managed to do most of it.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Ouchies! I did it!

okay so I am not even going to pretend to be surprised that my weight went up by 1.3lbs today. I ate Chinese food last night and I am only to blame for my own downfall. I haven't given up though. I knew clearing off bad food would be hard on me this time around but I will achieve it sooner than later. I just need to stick to the meals I plan out for myself. Anyways, this morning I really didn't feel up to working out but I pushed play anyway. I was thinking I have to and if I do it now, it will be out of the way. So I did it and I put whatever I could into it... think I am doing slightly better than my first time doing Tone it Up. It was still very hard and my shirt is drenched in sweat but I managed to do most of the workout in sync with Debbie and her two "students". I am looking forward to Cool it Off tomorrow.
so Ends up I was right, I'll be finishing my driving courses this week, but I am thinking that she may ask me to buy a few more lessons because I am not sure I'll get all Bs by Friday (B being meeting required skills to drive). I have a driving lesson tomorrow from 2:00- 3:30 and she'll drop me off at school, one on Thursday in the morning from 11:00-12:30 and one on Friday from 10:30-11:30. It will be nice to get that out of the way before I get too enthralled into school stuff. I finished Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire last night and am about to start Harry Potter and the Orders of the Phoenix. I am taking my last day off easy and tomorrow is my first day back at school...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rest Day

okay so my rest days are Sundays. I am thanking God for this because I still am sore. Had a hard time going up and downstairs all day yesterday. So definitely time to recover. I didn't do too well with food yesterday though I haven't gained or lost any weight either. Hoping I'll get a hang of better eating habits soon. Doesn't help I have a bunch of Christmas goodies around me. I think once these are gone, I'll be more apt to keep myself on track with food.
I'll make this short and sweet. Today I have a driving class and not much else so it is really a rest day for me aside from the hour and a half of driving. I'll be reading my Potter book again. Time for lunch!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Oh boy am I sore!

I did Firm it Up this morning and it was a bunch of lower body exercises and I was thinking Debbie was out there to kill me today lol I'm glad Sundays are rest days because I totally need it now! I checked on my Wii Fit to see if there was any change in weight and I did lose 0.9lbs :) that puts me at 237.1lbs. Now to keep going down. I probably would have lost more than that had I done better with food yesterday but Alex asked me one important question "Did you do better than you usually would with food?" and the answer is yes. I did eat less than I normally would and I guess the fact I lost almost a whole pound in a day is a proof of it. I am looking forward to taking it easy tomorrow and just read and take my driving course.
School starts on Tuesday but I only have school in the evenings so I totally have enough time to do my workouts and my homework and finish my driving course in the day when nobody can usually do driving courses yay! :) Means I may be able to get my G2 License sooner than later! woot woot!
So today, my meals consist of Chocolate Chip Cookies for breakfast (eaten 337 calories), 2 eggs and 2 buttered toasts for lunch (486 calories), Perogy Ham Casserole for Supper (450 calories) and 2 cups of milk and a mini berry cheesecake for snack (341 calories) for a total of 1614 calories. Now my daily caloric range is between 1570 and 1920 calories. So I think that's pretty good! :) Off to read and take the rest of my day in a relaxed kinda manner. Read Harry Potter most likely.

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Day and New Life.

I realize it's been quite awhile since I last posted. I seriously made a big mistake when I decided to undertake full-time work and full-time studies and wasn't able to keep up with both of my lives. I had no time for anything, let alone for exercise, healthy eating and myself. I wasn't treating myself right and am sad to report I am up to 238lbs as of this morning. Thing is, my new years resolution is to embrace a healthier lifestyle once again. So this morning, I popped in one of Debbie Siebers Slim Series (Tone it Up!) and tried to keep up with her. My legs feel like jello and my arms are not feeling any different than my legs. lol I'll keep using Debbie Siebers Slim Series in hope to see my weight and inches go down once again. I realize I am not happy with where I am right now. It's pretty close to my heaviest (being 250lbs) and I really don't want to beat my heaviest weight...not now, not ever.
I think what woke me up was when a couple of weeks prior to my birthday I ended up in a hospital with a kidney stone, a sign of me overworking my body and not treating it right. I couldn'T cope with full-time work and full-time studies and felt this is just not working for me. I need to prioritize and it came down to two things, my studies and my health. So I stopped working. Times will be tough with money so I won't be able to follow specific meal plans like I used to but I will still be recording my food in Sparks People (I think I'm LadyLions in that site). Though I am following a BeachBody Program, since it is so focused on USA I will not be recording my workouts in WOWY but will keep on blogging them in here.
So My first Program is the Upper-Body Torso Program which I believe it flawed. I did so much lower Body workout in Tone it Up it left me wondering, why it was called Upper-Body Program lol but you know what? I enjoyed being on the move. and I am looking forward to seeing the numbers on my scale go down!
Exercise Done, now it's time to plan out my meals of today.