Saturday, January 3, 2009

Oh boy am I sore!

I did Firm it Up this morning and it was a bunch of lower body exercises and I was thinking Debbie was out there to kill me today lol I'm glad Sundays are rest days because I totally need it now! I checked on my Wii Fit to see if there was any change in weight and I did lose 0.9lbs :) that puts me at 237.1lbs. Now to keep going down. I probably would have lost more than that had I done better with food yesterday but Alex asked me one important question "Did you do better than you usually would with food?" and the answer is yes. I did eat less than I normally would and I guess the fact I lost almost a whole pound in a day is a proof of it. I am looking forward to taking it easy tomorrow and just read and take my driving course.
School starts on Tuesday but I only have school in the evenings so I totally have enough time to do my workouts and my homework and finish my driving course in the day when nobody can usually do driving courses yay! :) Means I may be able to get my G2 License sooner than later! woot woot!
So today, my meals consist of Chocolate Chip Cookies for breakfast (eaten 337 calories), 2 eggs and 2 buttered toasts for lunch (486 calories), Perogy Ham Casserole for Supper (450 calories) and 2 cups of milk and a mini berry cheesecake for snack (341 calories) for a total of 1614 calories. Now my daily caloric range is between 1570 and 1920 calories. So I think that's pretty good! :) Off to read and take the rest of my day in a relaxed kinda manner. Read Harry Potter most likely.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Lyane,

Don't beat yourself up too much, we all fall of the wagon. I believe getting fit is a journey and there will always be tough climbs and falls along the way! You've proven in the past you can do this and you can do this now!