Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Running around...

Okay, so I am obliged to spend most of my day at my parents because I have no way of getting into school later on today. I usually do my workouts first thing when I wake up and trust me, I tried at this time (5AM) and seriously, I find myself fast forwarding through my workout instead of actually doing my workout. So I closed the DVD player and told myself I'd try again tonight when I am not pressed for time. I think that might be a better idea. OC Transpo bus strike is not making things easy for me at all! :S I have been having worries about how I will get to my doctor appointment on time on Monday morning... it makes me sick to my stomach... Hoping my brother does not work in the morning on Monday...*sigh*
I haven't weighed in this morning due to being pressed for time. I'm just going to grab a quick bite to eat and have my shower and get ready to leave. Dad will be here in less than an hour and I guess that's what makes me uneasy about doing my workout this AM it's the possibility of not having time to shower and eat before leaving.
That said, I did very well with food last night and I think my cool it off workout reassured me a little better about my driving classes because I did very well! :) I seriously can't wait til it's over...

wish I could seriously exercise but I've never been able to exercise in the evening.. motivation just is lacking by end of day...thought I did fairly well for meals today but upon calculation I am shocked that I am over my caloric range... *sigh* there's always tomorrow!!

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Anonymous said...

Working out the evening is tough for me too. I almost never can do it, I still have to kinda force myself even more so now that I have set hours for work.

It is an adjustment for sure especially in the winter cause sometimes I have to fit in shoveling like today ah!

Hang in there you can do it!